We provide the following:

  1. Strategic Planning
    Parab3llum Enterprises will assist its partners in developing a strategic telecommunications plan for their organization. After meeting with the partner to determine their present position, strategic assets, and their expectations, we will prepare a project plan detailing the strategic planning process.
  2. Feasibility Studies
    Performing feasibility studies is one of Parab3llum Enterprises engineering strengths. Our experienced staff has the necessary expertise in the different telecom fields that our partners need to help them make informed, economically sound, and best-fit decisions.
  3. System Architecture & Design
    Parab3llum Enterprises staff has the expertise and years of experience in the telecommunication industry to develop the system architecture and design required by the partner for a telecom network infrastructure optimized for its specific needs.
  4. Contract Negotiation
    In a field as diverse as telecommunications, with rapidly changing technology and government regulations, there are occasions when multi-faceted contract negotiations become necessary. This requires a unique blend of technical as well as interpersonal skills to negotiate contracts and agreeements for our partners.